Come and See.

Upstairs in a historic building now known for its coffee and books, you’ll find an old room. After getting up the creaking staircase, down the short and even creakier hallway, and through the 8ft. doorway you’ll discover a decently sized room, old wooden floors, large bay window overlooking main street, and a fireplace display to complete the scene.

Tomato bisque, potato soup, rolls, and sweet tea. If you didn’t make it last Sunday, you sure missed out.

Sitting in a chair over by the window, cradling my bowl of soup, I look up to see someone walk in through the door. A familiar, but new face. Then a second one. Then a third. They continue to file in, finding a seat, greeting all of us in the room, and the six members from East Bristol church of Christ settle down completing our circle. I immediately get up, along with a few others and the mission to find more chairs begins.

Once again, for only our second time, a small group of brothers and sisters in Christ met together – smiles going all around – gathering into our circle preparing to sing praises. Despite the song booklets every two person shares, many of us sing not from the page but from memory as all of us try to sing from the heart. And as usual, the walls cannot contain our voices in song.

Thanks to the willingness and genuine interest of the members, Minister, Elder, and Deacon from East Bristol, our group for this Sunday was nearing twenty. They took us up on our request to simply come and see.

We’re seeking to expand the church in Abingdon, to spark, watch it grow, and spread like fire. That is why our mission particularly for this week is to tell everyone that you know about Christ, his Church, and then invite them to the Upper Room. Our mission field exists in no one place; instead we want to seek out people all over Abingdon and the region and of course, the world.

This Saturday I’ll be joining the Blacksburg church of Christ college group for a trip down to Mobile, Alabama.  Our purpose for this trip is to minister to the poor inner city population of Mobile. We’ll try to provide clothes, food and share the gospel while partnering with the Inner City Church of Christ.

Sadly I will not be able to attend the Upper Room gathering this next Sunday, seeing as I’ll be in Alabama – but a few things I know for sure: There will be good food if you show up at 12-12:30. You’ll greet many happy faces and people excited to see you. But more importantly than those two: Connor will lead everyone in a wonderful, thoughtful, God-glorifying discussion and there will be much praise and song throughout the gathering.

I’m already missing the Upper Room, regretting that I’ll be gone. However, I know I have an important role to play along with the many other college students with me as we go down to Mobile and spread God’s word and show his love to those in need.

– SB

More Information about the Upper Room: REVIVE is just my blog, so please feel free to visit the Upper Room Facebook page for more info. This FB page will soon begin to grow as we start to add more information about the Upper Room. But again, more than anything, to truly understand: just come and see.


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