My name is Spencer Bailey and I am a Christian, writer, blogger, and college student. Welcome to my blog: Revive Humanity.

To be completely straightforward: this blog is about my thoughts, experiences, and opinions concerning those things that are most affecting Christianity and the modern church today. That’s all you really need to know.

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This blog has gone through many phases and has developed over the past year or so into what it is now. It started out as a personal online journal, it soon transformed into a place to share stories with friends, and then it turned into a platform for me to share my life, my thoughts, opinion, struggles, and concerns with the world.

That was 2012.

Now it is 2013 and the world didn’t end. Therefore I am taking my writing more seriously, working on multiple sites and experimenting with guest blogging.

Most of my blog posts Pre-2013 were a kind of spur of the moment brain dump. Now I will attempt to take a more calculated approach to writing. A kind of approach that just doesn’t plainly say what is on my mind but rather attempts to provide something that is valuable and useful to everyone.

Something that will inspire, encourage, teach, promote, or influence me and others to ask deeper questions, think from new perspectives, and wrestle with things we often ignore.

Hope you enjoy my blog.