Holy Discontent

What drives people to changes things? What drives people to see something, realize its higher potential, and set out to improve it? What drives people to face all the hatred, persecution, and dissuasion, continuing to press onward until they reach their goal? What drives people to strive for social justice, civil rights, and freedom? What drives people for spiritual renewal and religious restoration?

Despite having the odds stacked against them? Despite the loss and hurt they might incur?

Sometimes we’re just not content. Sometimes we just can’t be satisfied. It happens – every minute of every day.

We want something different; we want change whether it be change leading to that which is new (more modern!) or change leading to something that was once there but is now gone (the old paths!). Regardless – we’re just not content. More money. More time. More stuff. More friends. More food. More options. More things to do. More time to relax. More freedom. More choices. More rules. We just want more.

And that can be….wrong. Very wrong.

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Want to Join My Club?

During our first couple of weeks in Harlan we just tried to assess the community. Analyze the problems. Examine the opportunities. See the potential.

We did a lot of research, looking at every organization and effort in Harlan that was trying to help, develop, or contribute to the community in some way. The internet surprisingly held very little information about Harlan and the efforts within this town, so we took to the streets to explore our options and opportunities. From visiting the Harlan Center, to the public Library, to the Harlan Revitalization Association (no longer active – which tells you a little something about hope in this town), to the Community Action Agency, down to Christ’s Hand, etc, etc, etc. Lot’s of different efforts, programs, committees, events, and organizations.

Then we went to the Boy’s and Girl’s Club.

Honestly, I am really not all too familiar with the B&G Club. I have a few faint memories of thoughts from when I was little – imagining the B&G Club as a scary place for scary people. Same thing with the YMCA.  I don’t know why, I just dreamed up that it was a place where gangster kids from the hood went to beat up little homeschool nerds like myself, then carried on with their game of basketball.

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