Back from Blogging Break

typewriteAfter taking nearly a 6 month hiatus from blogging on (I have been actively writing elsewhere) I have decided it is time to come back and renew this blog with fresh posts, new ideas, and a different mission.

This blog was often a place where I could quickly dump out my struggles, rants, quick-mix opinions, feelings, or questions concerning Christianity, the church, and faith.

I have now chosen to take a more calculated, but possibly more volatile approach to blogging on Revive Humanity.

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Red Letter Revolution

I recently received a complimentary copy of Red Letter Revolution by Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo through BookSneeze, in return for an honest review. I am quite familiar with Claiborne’s other books, such as Irresistible Revolution and Jesus for President and I am also vaguely familiar with Tony Campolo’s blog Red Letter Therefore, I was naturally attracted to and curious about this book. The provocative front cover subtitle “What if Jesus really meant what he said?” is a question often posed by Claiborne through his books, public speaking, and articles. This exact question is also what drew me into wondering what could possibly happen when a young ‘ordinary radical’ such as Claiborne combines forces with an older veteran such as Campolo to answer this question.

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