Come and See.

Upstairs in a historic building now known for its coffee and books, you’ll find an old room. After getting up the creaking staircase, down the short and even creakier hallway, and through the 8ft. doorway you’ll discover a decently sized room, old wooden floors, large bay window overlooking main street, and a fireplace display to complete the scene.

Tomato bisque, potato soup, rolls, and sweet tea. If you didn’t make it last Sunday, you sure missed out.

Sitting in a chair over by the window, cradling my bowl of soup, I look up to see someone walk in through the door. A familiar, but new face. Then a second one. Then a third. They continue to file in, finding a seat, greeting all of us in the room, and the six members from East Bristol church of Christ settle down completing our circle. I immediately get up, along with a few others and the mission to find more chairs begins.

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The Upper Room

Abingdon is a very nice, quaint little town settled in the hills and mountains of southwest Virginia. We have the famous Barter Theatre, not to mention plenty of other stuff retired couples like. Yeah. We’re just a nice little town that starts to get quiet at the late hour of 7p.m. as the good old folks close in for the night. I like it here, the quaintness at least.

On Main Street, near the barber shop, there is an extremely nice and comfortable café and bookstore called Zazzy’z. If you happened to be in the café around 1:00pm on a snowy Sunday afternoon (today) then you probably looked up at the ceiling a few times in curiosity. As the sound of a dozen or more committed, unified, and passionate voices in song boomed through the walls of their little room upstairs, you may have wondered what was going on above you.

Let me explain.

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