Back from Blogging Break

typewriteAfter taking nearly a 6 month hiatus from blogging on (I have been actively writing elsewhere) I have decided it is time to come back and renew this blog with fresh posts, new ideas, and a different mission.

This blog was often a place where I could quickly dump out my struggles, rants, quick-mix opinions, feelings, or questions concerning Christianity, the church, and faith.

I have now chosen to take a more calculated, but possibly more volatile approach to blogging on Revive Humanity.

My purpose and vision for Revive Humanity is for it to be a place that, at the very least, sparks within my own life a determination to ask deeper and more meaningful questions of the faith and the church while also wrestling with those things that cause us to have confusion, discomfort, and struggle.

All this simply means is that I will attempt to write about and ask about those pressing questions and issues that are facing Christianity and the church in modern times.

I hope you will give me patience, grace, and understanding in all that I say, believe and do. Thank you.


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