To Mobile I Go!

I used to live in Alabama when I was really little, yet I do not remember ever visiting the city of Mobile. Within an hour the Blacksburg church of Christ college group will come down through Abingdon and pick me up; on our way down to Mobile (a pretty long drive) for what is going to be a great week I am sure!

As usual, I plan to journal down the events of each day. In my English class at ETSU my professor instructed us, a few weeks ago, to pick a topic that we are passionate about because that topic is something we would write about for the rest of the semester. In the end it would all culminate up to the completion of our semester project: a research paper. I picked homelessness; but that topic was far too large so I narrowed it down to how to help the homeless in America (the project had to do with my society). Then, after lots of pressing, I got it down to the government’s role in solving homelessness in America. So, while I am in Mobile my main priority will be to do what we came to do; meanwhile I also hope to maybe get some good information (possibly an interview?) that could contribute to my research paper.

It is amazing the amount of books and sources out there that I found while researching homelessness. I want to post just a couple of the sources I found (or already had) because they are quite good so far:

Burt, Martha, Laudan Y. Aron, Edgar Lee, and Jesse Valente. Helping America’s Homeless

Kanis, Rebecca, Joe McCannon, Catherine Craig, and Kara A. Mergl. “An End to Chronic Homelessness: An Introduction to the 100,000 Homes Campaign.”

Lee, M., and Laura Finley. “Counterpoint: Homelessness Demands Local Solutions.” 

Lupton, Robert D. Toxic Charity. (This one came by suggestion from my older brother Trae)

I’m in a hurry to go meet the Blacksburg group, so I’ll post more/update this post when I get to Mobile! Wish us luck.

– SB


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