Fully Alive by Ken Davis

I recently received a complimentary copy of Fully Alive by Ken Davis through BookSneeze, in return for an honest review. This book is essentially a compilation of stories, events, and experiences that the author endured or accomplished throughout his life, leading him from being just barely alive to being fully alive. After suffering through depression, obesity, and spiritual sickness over the many years of his life, he recounts the struggles and successes that led to him in overcoming these tough obstacles. He also brings in a few stories of individuals, both young and old, who inspired him to achieve life at its fullest. Overall, the stories were truly inspiring and they kept my attention throughout the entirety of the book. The book is a clear and bold encouragement to all people, regardless of age, to start striving after a life fully alive. The two quotes that Davis  uses to establish his philosophy of living fully alive is a quote from Saint Irenaeus of Lyons and a quote from the Apostle Paul. St. Irenaeus says “God’s glory is the earth creature made fully and eternally alive with the life of the Spirit” in which Davis paraphrases saying “the glory of God is man fully alive”. He also uses the first part of Philippians 3:10, written by Paul, to say we must have a desire to know Christ and the power of his resurrection here and now – in this life and also in the next.

Indeed, the book was an inspirational read and actually quite humorous. Ken Davis has a wonderful sense of humor that had me laughing out loud at times. I might even admit that a couple stories moved me nearly to tears. In the end, Fully Alive encourages you to become physically active and fit while also ensuring that you are building a beautiful relationship with God and with your fellow man. I would recommend this to anyone, especially those who might struggle with weight or an unhealthy lifestyle – physical or spiritual. A large portion of this book is dedicated to losing weight and being healthier – of course, for the glory of God. Nevertheless, it still personally encouraged me to be more physically active and get outside more, while also seeking a joyful life, living fully alive.


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