Biblical Beliefs

I don’t want to tell you what to believe. Read the Bible for yourself. Come to a conclusion. You alone with God and his word. Put forth every effort to remove all bias, all previous beliefs….everything you have been told. Then figure out what you believe.
I promise, Ill try to do the same.


A Call for Endurance (Day 30)

Yesterday, Day 30, I closed out my 30 Day Experiment. It was a month of experiencing, understanding, and realizing how little I actually know, how weak (physically and spiritually) I can be, how arrogant I sometimes become, how loveless I can act, yet how ready I am for all that to change. Understanding that I’m not there yet – I have just touched the tip of the iceberg. My last post was a video with a song that pretty much summed up where I am at the end of this experiment. In Jesus blood, I’ve been loved, I’ve been cleansed, and redeemed, and released, rearranged. But how can I show you that I’m grateful? You’ve been so generous to me. How can I worship more than singing? And live out redemption’s melody? I have been blessed, now I want to be a blessing. I have been loved, now I want to bring love. I’ve been invited, now I want to share the invitation. I have been changed, to bring change, to bring change.

I read the book of Revelation, the last book that I saved for the end because I believed it to be certainly the craziest/most confusing book of the entire New Testament (if not the whole Bible). In this book though, there was one verse that just stuck out to me, above all others. But I’ll get to that later.

Being a Christian, according to the Bible, is not supposed to be easy. Peace, prosperity, and pleasure are not the themes surrounding a Christian life; more like persecution, pain, and poverty – all for the sake of Jesus Christ and the good news. Does God want us, expect us to live a comfortable, safe life here on earth? Or is that just what we want? What I want?

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