Did you ever feel guilty when you were little for thinking church was boring? For glancing one too many times at the clock on the back wall or for filling out the outline just so you could judge how close it was until the end? I did.

Maybe you were one of those kids that had coloring books, pokemon cards, and goldfish. I didn’t. (But that is a different story.)

Anyways, I never hopped out of bed on Sunday morning the same way I did on Christmas morning. I mean, church was just boring. Plain and simple. Then I saw on TV those holy-roller churches with people falling in the floor, dancing in the aisles, and crowd surfing. That seemed pretty cool. Then I was told that was sinful. Oh.

So, what secretly got taught, unintentionally, was that church is supposed to be boring. Or, if it is boring, then that is your fault. What is wrong with you? Sinner.

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Mark, Mormons, and More! (Day 12 & 13)

TheBlindCanSee.com is a new, up-and-coming website with the intent to “view the Scriptures and the world around with the eyes of Christ.” Sound like an awesome idea? I thought so too. Plus, I happen to sort-of-kind-of know one of the two guys who started it.

It was a Monday night at the Abingdon church of Christ building, last summer, and if you have read any of the posts back in January then you know where I am going with this. My memory fails me at times, so I’ll just go with what I remember. We’re discussing difficult passages of Scripture and we might have also been discussing Mormonism. Alexis (Connor’s sister) has a good friend who is a Mormon and he had recently introduced her to a verse explaining a certain practice of the Mormon church. 1 Corinthians 15:29 really baffled all of us that were there that Monday night. We read it, re-read it, re-re-read it and then looked up and in unison…”huh?” Yeah…confused.

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