Years back I read the book Under the Overpass by Mike Yankoski; my older brother had read it and then suggested that I do the same. It was interesting, challenging, and truly inspiring. But…I was 14. It was like a spark that never became a flame. It created a desire to act, to experience, and to live out my faith. But soon, over time, all that faded and I continued my regular life of a teenager.

In his book, Mike and his friend Sam are just average middle class Christian guys who decide to go from comfort and wealth to poor, hungry, dirty, ignored homelessness. All by choice. All because they wanted to see if their faith could handle themselves being uncomfortable.

Like I said, for me, this book was inspiring. Then I moved on with “my life” and never did a thing. This is why I think I’m so in love with the idea behind GO! Camp.

I was 14, got inspired, and then just let it all fade away into nothingness.

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Consumption to Compassion

“Go from consumption to compassion in 40 Days”

Not but a few hours after I posted about my 30 Day Experiment, my sister, Jessie, called me on the phone. Later on in the conversation she told me about a book called A Place at the Table by Chris Seay. She mentioned to me a few things about the book and the author, more than enough to spark my interest, so I went online to check it out.

I haven’t read it and I don’t plan on reading it anytime soon – instead I think I’ll read it this summer. This way I can commit the time and effort to join the 40-day journey Seay and his book invites his readers on.

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