Saturday of Service

I haven’t posted on my blog in a long time, I know. Mainly because every moment spent on the computer and every moment spent in writing has gone into my research paper/proposal/bibliography. I’m learning some interesting things about homelessness in America and the heated debates on every aspect have my mind constantly racing; by the end of the day my brain is fried. One side argues that homelessness (in America – I’m slowly figuring out/thinking that homelessness here may be entirely different from homelessness in other, poorer countries) is almost prominently caused by mental disease and addictions while others argue it has little to do with those things and entirely has to do with hard times, financial problems, the economy etc. This is the hardest paper I’ve ever written, yet I’m enjoying it¬†immensely. But I digress, on to the blog post: SOS.

About four years ago (4 or 5?) the Central church of Christ in Johnson City, TN held their first S.O.S. – Saturday of Service. I’ve never been involved in Central’s SOS in the past, but soon after Central started SOS, the church in Abingdon picked up the idea for one year and tried to replicate it in southwest Virginia. From that, I am slightly familiar with the idea behind it.

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To Mobile I Go!

I used to live in Alabama when I was really little, yet I do not remember ever visiting the city of Mobile. Within an hour the Blacksburg church of Christ college group will come down through Abingdon and pick me up; on our way down to Mobile (a pretty long drive) for what is going to be a great week I am sure!

As usual, I plan to journal down the events of each day. In my English class at ETSU my professor instructed us, a few weeks ago, to pick a topic that we are passionate about because that topic is something we would write about for the rest of the semester. In the end it would all culminate up to the completion of our semester project: a research paper. I picked homelessness; but that topic was far too large so I narrowed it down to how to help the homeless in America (the project had to do with my society). Then, after lots of pressing, I got it down to the government’s role in solving homelessness in America. So, while I am in Mobile my main priority will be to do what we came to do; meanwhile I also hope to maybe get some good information (possibly an interview?) that could contribute to my research paper.

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