There is a revolution going on. It’s crisscrossing the nation, expanding around the globe, infecting hearts, minds, communities, families, churches, and souls.

This revolution has taken shape in many diverse, unforeseen, and mysterious forms. People are calling it this, defining it as that, attributing it to this guy or that gal, claiming that it is doing such and such and isn’t doing this and that…whatever.

It is now my attempt to contribute my thoughts to the conversation concerning this revolution because that is all I know to do. I’m a writer – I write. (Not that I really know what I am talking about because I don’t think I’m one of those that get it. But, I’m willing to try.) The point isn’t to inform you, because really all this is just me asking questions as I wonder. Every point is a wonder-point (I think I just made that up…. “wonder-point”) Anyways, that simply means that I am trying to wrap my mind around it all, knowing that I won’t succeed entirely (but I might partially) and so every point is worth discussing, debating, and debunking.

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Open Doors

My view of the world that I grew up in was a world that cares so little for the poor. Late night infomercials depicting the sick and dying have caused us to grow numb. My heart was hardened. I grew up ignoring the poor, sick, and rejected. I was focused on college, careers, salaries, retirement, and success. I was told to seek safety, security, and comfort. Then someone opened the Bible and simply said, this stuff is not a suggestion.  That was when I realized that Christ calls us to abandon everything to follow him. More easily said than done. Trust me.

My friends and I have had a long journey, filled with new realizations and clearer understandings. The Bible is not so complicated anymore. We no longer try to explain away passages because they do not fit into our personal American Dreams of what we want to do with our lives. I have messed up. I have said the wrong things, in the wrong ways, in the wrong settings, with the wrong intentions, to the wrong people. I have not had love at times. I have not been clear. I have not been patient. I have not been gentle. I have failed to show respect where it was due and I have assumed things I did not truly know or understand. I guess that is proof that I am a sinner. This is why I believe repentance is a lifestyle, not just a walk down an aisle (though often times that is completely necessary). Many times I have done too many things for the praise of men. Ambition and pride is something I constantly am aware of and wish would not affect my actions. Doing all things so that every bit of the praise is directed to God is something I personally struggle with, deeply. The supremacy, love, and awesomeness of Christ should always trump every single thing I do or say.

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