New Schedule. Fresh Start.

I like writing. I really do. Sometimes I rant (okay, lot’s of times) and sometimes I just post random musings or stories. There really isn’t any flow or consistency….I write everyday for a week  and then don’t come back until a month later. Me and my blog are going through a rough spot in our relationship. Sometimes we don’t get along. It isn’t you – it’s me.

But now the blog looks better. Well…different. So that works.

Random, inconsistent, nonsense isn’t a healthy habit for a writer or a blogger (not that I lay claim to either of those two titles, but one day I might) to become stuck in.

In light of my recent readings of Thinking. Loving. Doing. and the message/call for Christians to be students and deep thinkers of God’s word, I’ve decided that writing is a productive and useful way for me to organize and understand my thoughts and experiences, while also giving me the ability to look back and see how I’ve grown. Thus a new schedule is in order so that I might become more dedicated to this blog and patch up the struggling relationship I have with this blog. I might also attempt to develop a vision for where this blog is headed. Maybe.

As most know – this blog started out as a journal that essentially just covered the stories before/during/after the short mission trip my best friend and I took to DC. After that, I didn’t want the blog to die and so I kept at it and it eventually turned into ranting, musing, and storytelling.

Now I am listening to Jon Acuff and heeding his advice on escaping the #1 Reason Blogs Die.

I shall begin posting at least twice a week  and hopefully that will create some good, solid consistency in my schedule. A fresh start, if you will.

– SB


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