There is a revolution going on. It’s crisscrossing the nation, expanding around the globe, infecting hearts, minds, communities, families, churches, and souls.

This revolution has taken shape in many diverse, unforeseen, and mysterious forms. People are calling it this, defining it as that, attributing it to this guy or that gal, claiming that it is doing such and such and isn’t doing this and that…whatever.

It is now my attempt to contribute my thoughts to the conversation concerning this revolution because that is all I know to do. I’m a writer – I write. (Not that I really know what I am talking about because I don’t think I’m one of those that get it. But, I’m willing to try.) The point isn’t to inform you, because really all this is just me asking questions as I wonder. Every point is a wonder-point (I think I just made that up…. “wonder-point”) Anyways, that simply means that I am trying to wrap my mind around it all, knowing that I won’t succeed entirely (but I might partially) and so every point is worth discussing, debating, and debunking.

So pretty much what you get from what I’ve written so far is that this is an incredibly vague and confusing topic/blog post. So be it.

The Revolution

1. It’s a revolution.

This goes hand-in-hand with #2. Keep it simple stupid. If we’re calling it a revolution then let’s say it’s a revolution. Easily said and done. But, inevitably that guy shows up and says “yeah, but define a revolution”. My pleasure: it is my notion that this revolution is, to implore Mr. Webster, a “sudden, complete, or radical change in something”. It is a change. In fact, it’s a radical change! Therefore we must now ask what the “something” is? Well, I would say that “something” is…everything. Your life, my life. Your world, my world. This change isn’t just one little segment of life or humanity, rather it is everything. It turns the world upside down. The entire world. So you better pay attention, things are moving.

2. It is beautifully simple.

People make it way too complicated, but really it is pretty simple. However, I believe that is a part of the problem: it is so simple (and astonishingly unique) that people can’t seem to understand how something so plain can be so revolutionary. While we are all (that includes me) sitting around studying, diagramming, and analyzing it – we miss the beautiful simplicity of it all.

3. It isn’t new.

There is that large group of pew-criers out there that proclaim with great angst that some “new thing” has come in and started “changing things up, God forbid!” I hate to steal their soapbox from underneath them, but this thing isn’t new. It’s been around for a while. Something like….maybe….eternity? But, I think what we also need to understand is that this thing has been around for a long time and isn’t some grand new idea or revelation that you, I, or someone else came up with. People just encounter it at different times and in different ways and it all comes from God.

4. It isn’t old.

We can’t forget to give a shout-out to those who always want some modern or relevant doctrine, program, or idea because they believe that all that “outdated-worn-out-uselessness” must be dismissed. Well, the point of #4 is to say that if “old” means irrelevant, worn-out, useless, or outdated then this revolution isn’t old. It is very fresh. It is anciently new, recent, relevant, and modern. It transcends time.

5. You can’t predict it.

I like predictions. I like thinking that I’ll know what will happen. It’s nice and it’s comforting. But, you just don’t know where this revolution will take you. It will change everything and you really can’t be sure what your life here on earth will end up like. Maybe you’ll die in your sleep. Maybe you’ll be burned at the stake. You just don’t know, so quit thinking you do and be okay with that.

6. You can’t stop it.

It’s like a train (but you can predict where a train goes…so bad analogy). You can jump out of the way, you can drive over the tracks, you can hear it thunder and,feel the ground rumble as it goes by, and you can walk away from it. But if you dare try to jump in front of it to stop it, trust me…it won’t stop.

7. It isn’t easy or fun.

Millions, if not billions of people mistake this revolution to be something that is fun. Something so simple that is has to be easy. Fortunately, this one isn’t easy or fun. It actually sucks at times. A lot. But – there is a very, very distinct difference to recognize. This revolution has little “fun” in it, but it does have copious amounts of joy.

8. It is overwhelming.

If you climb onto the unpredictable train that ran off the tracks- I mean, the revolution, then you will be overwhelmed and consumed. To put it very clearly – if you are only giving a halfhearted effort, if it only takes up a little bit of your life, if you really haven’t changed all that much and no one can tell a difference in your life…you’ve boarded the wrong train.

9. You can be a part.

You and I can board the right train. I think, I hope, and I believe that once I do get on that right train, I’ll be swept away and I’ll be able to bring all my friends too. Okay, not all my friends – but they’ll have a chance. The door is always being knocked on; I’ll just have to show them how to open it.

10. It’s Love.

Are you disappointed? Probably.

But re-read the points – do you believe LOVE is revolutionary? Beautifully simple? Ancient, yet entirely new? Unpredictable and unstoppable? Not easy at all and not always fun (but full of joy)? Do you believe it is overwhelming and something you can truly be a part of?

I know, I know. You’ve read 1 Corinthians 13. You’ve heard the sermons and memorized the verses. You know what love is. Or, you think you do. I thought I did too.

Something I think we need to realize is that love, in its fullest sense, is forever and ever beyond our comprehension. We’re humans and thus we’re stupid. But it isn’t some distant, unattainable thing. The love revolution is here and now (and has always been here), changing the world as we speak.

Right now, at this point in time…all this stuff you just read…. it is just thoughts. Maybe you’ll never let these thoughts get out and do anything. Maybe you’ll wall them in and leave it all to just talks and sermons. Maybe you’ll never really physically and spiritually seek out this love. Or maybe you’ll seek it out, find it, unleash it and let is explode.

It’s been a long blog post and it will undoubtedly demand a second installment (so be looking for that one here in a little bit).

It’s an ongoing revolution. Let’s seek it out.

–          SB


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