Bring Love.

12 Days Left!

The Love Mission is the idea behind GO! Camp this year, and they’re trying to raise $30,000 dollars (that’s insane!) all before May 15th!  I loved the idea, I loved the desire to shoot for ridiculously high goals, but I will admit – I was unsure of how far they would get. Nevertheless, Christians all over responded to the call to help feed 100,000 people and they have raised OVER 20,000 DOLLARS so far! Yet now time is running out and there are only 12 days left before this fundraiser ends…

What can we do about? I set a goal to try and raise only $500 dollars to help the cause – and I’m getting there! However, I need help from my friends and family! So go donate to either Revive’s fundraiser or others – it doesn’t matter to me, just donate!



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